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BlackBerry R10 leaks again: new pics, more specs

More pictures of the upcoming budget BlackBerry blower have leaked online, along with word on the specs.

We've heard word before that the BlackBerry R10 will be a budget version to the Qwerty-packing Q10, and now a fresh leak has thrown new pics and possible specs into the ring.

According to DGtle (translated, via, there won't be that much to choose from between the R10 and Q10. The R10 will have the same 3.1-inch screen at 720x720 pixels, and 2GB of RAM. But there are some subtle differences between the two.

The R10 will sport a 5-megapixel camera, to the Q10's 8-megapixel. It'll also have less storage -- 8GB, compared to the Q10's 16GB -- and the battery will be lower capacity. Still, if BlackBerry can get the price right, Qwerty fans on a budget could be in for a treat.

The R10 has shown up in the wild before in white, and red, and now here it is in black, so expect a few colour choices whenever BlackBerry makes it official.

In our review, the Q10 scored well, notching up three and a half out of five. The keyboard is as reassuring as ever, but the phone suffers from some annoying software quirks and an app store you can see tumbleweed blowing across. That high price doesn't help, either, which is something the R10 should fix.

It's still early days for BB10, BlackBerry's latest operating system that launched back in January. One Blackberry exec told us the OS won't suffer from the kind of fragmentation that's plagued Android, despite its devices having different-sized screens. "If you look at the Z10, and the physical keyboard device, the Q10, they share a similar LCD screen, and that again is making sure that it's easy for our BlackBerry 10 developer audience to build more applications," said Andrew Bocking, BlackBerry's executive VP, software product management and ecosystem.

That may be, but Android and iOS have a huge lead on BB10. Developers are also clamouring to program for their respective app stores.

What do you think of BlackBerry 10? And how much would you pay for the R10? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.