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Beyond Binary headed (slowly) to CES

Lousy weather in San Francisco is slowing things down, but's Ina Fried has plenty of gadgets to keep her company at the airport.

The entire technology world is preparing to descend on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, but many of those in the San Francisco Bay Area are finding it slow going.

The entire Beyond Binary staff (yes, that is just me), is among those who have been hanging out at San Francisco International Airport amid weather-related flight delays. My flight is now running three hours late, but, like all good CES-goers. I have plenty of gadgets to keep me occupied.

My laptop and Sprint EV-DO card are letting me blog, while a video iPod has a season of Weeds and The Office, along with a handful of audiobooks and plenty of music. And, of course, I rarely go anywhere without my Treo, so e-mail is ubiquitous even when the laptop is shut.

My partner is with me too, but he's on his laptop watching the first season of Dexter.

If I get really bored, I'll pull out a digital camera and take a picture of all this stuff.

Hopefully, the plane will board before it comes to that. In any case, look forward to plenty of CES coverage starting tomorrow as Bill Gates delivers what will likely be his last CES keynote speech for some time. There will be plenty of Microsoft stuff Sunday and Monday, with lots of show-floor strolling planned for Tuesday. For all things CES, feel free to check out CNET's CES page.