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Better than Kittens: A true Internet test of your work's value

Is your art or design work better than an awww-inducing kitten photo? Test your mettle with Better than Kittens.

Better than Kittesn
Well, this is an easy choice. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You pour your heart and soul into your art or design work. When you put your portfolio online, you're competing for recognition with the masses on DeviantArt and the untold number of artists and designers on the Web. You're also competing with cats. Cute, fuzzy, adorable, attention-sucking, Internet-dominating cats.

If your work is truly outstanding, it will attract more attention than a gratuitous photo of a kitten curled up, nibbling on its toes. If you think you're up for the challenge, then you can submit your portfolio to Better than Kittens, a new polling site that throws down a daunting gauntlet of kittens as the competition.

The concept is simple. A person's work is shown right next to the randomly chosen image of a kitten. Visitors choose which one they like better and click on it. The site keeps track of the totals to see just how badly those sweet fuzzballs are kicking the butts of hard-working artists.

It doesn't help that the site is stacked against you. It questions your sanity or your eyesight if you attempt to chose art over kittens. Only a few works have managed to conquer the cat army. These are featured in the "Hall of Fame." One of these triumphant designs features a striking owl face. Another is a photo of a sweet, little scientist mouse.

As Better than Kittens has rocketed in popularity, people have been trying to game the site. Someone already uploaded a photo of an eye-searingly cute pudgy puppy to take on the feline crowd. Fortunately, you can report dodgy images to try to head off this kind of nonsense.

Better than Kittens kitten vs. puppy
No fair! Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET