BenQ E72: BenQ is baq -- and it's ditched the Siemens

Remember BenQ-Siemens? No? Don't worry, that's old news now, but you might be interested in BenQ Mobile's dinky E72 smart phone


You may remember that BenQ bought Siemens Mobile in 2005 and produced a series of so-so handsets. As you've probably realised from the noticeable lack of BenQ Siemens phones in shops, the partnership didn't exactly last very long and while the BenQ Siemens 'squond' (square and round) campaign did amuse us greatly, it obviously wasn't enough to keep BenQ Siemens in business.

Two years on and BenQ Mobile is back (baq?) -- but it's ditched the Siemens and is launching a Windows Mobile smart phone called the BenQ E72. Boasting a compact design, this candybar phone runs on Windows Mobile 6 Standard and features a 2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. It's not a revolutionary product, but it is functional and easy to fit in a pocket.

The BenQ E72 is being launched as part of BT Fusion's business offerings, which gives you the option to make cheap calls over Wi-Fi via a Wi-Fi hub. It's a pretty clever solution if you want something straightforward to set up and fear having to download VoIP apps on to your phone, for example. Prices start at £30 a month, which gives you 120 inclusive minutes and unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles via your office or from an Openzone Wi-Fi hotspot. -Andrew Lim

Update: Read our full BenQ E72 review here.

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