<b>Button Disabler 1.2 is out

Button Disabler 1.2 is out

Apple has released an updated version 1.2 of its Button Disabler control panel for Performa/LC 5xx series and Power Macintosh/Performa 5xxx or 6xxx series computer (except 6100). According to the ReadMe file, it is a: "Control panel that disables the buttons on the front of the computer so that users cannot adjust the volume or brightness." Originally intended to prevent "unauthorized" users (such as small children) from making changes to these settings, Apple is apparently now also recommending it as a means of preventing system crashes that may occur from using these buttons.

However, when Jeremy Tinley recently installed this on his Performa 5215CD and tried to open the control panel, he received a message that said: "Cannot be used with this Macintosh." John Erickson got the same message on his LC.