BBC iPlayer coming to Nokia N96: 'Enders fans rejoice

We always thought it was unfair that the iPhone was the only mobile that could access BBC's iPlayer -- but things are about to change


If you don't own an iPhone, you won't know the deep bliss of watching BBC iPlayer videos on your mobile -- let us tell you, it's awesome. In fact, watching iPlayer on your iPhone or iPod touch is so good, it's almost worth buying one just for that. But what about watching the iPlayer on other devices?

Until now the iPlayer has kept its seven-day catch-up deliciousness confined to PCs, the Nintendo Wii and Virgin Media's cable network, and apart from Apple's touchscreen darlings there are no mobile devices that can access it. We say until now because Nokia has announced iPlayer support on its incoming Nokia N96 smart phone.

According to Nokia, the N96 will feature a bespoke iPlayer app that allows you to watch BBC content via Wi-Fi and 3G -- that's right, 3G, something even the iPhone won't let you do. You'll be able to buy the N96 on 1 October from several major networks -- not O2 though, because it's focusing all its efforts on the iPhone 3G.

The N96's screen is easily large enough to let you enjoy all your favourite shows without needing to squint. Better yet, the N96 comes with a built-in stand, so you'll be able to prop it up on a table and not have to hold it for an entire episode of Dragon's Den -- now that's what we call mobile entertainment. -Andrew Lim

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