Batman Tumbler golf cart for sale: Bring justice to the links

Batman's Tumbler is a little less intimidating in golf cart form, but you can buy it anyway.

Tumbler golf cart
Quick, Robin, to the golf course! rayshollywood

When Christian Bale roared down the road for the first time in the Tumbler, an aggressively revamped Batmobile, fans got giddy at the sheer size, heft, and sound of the beastly vehicle. You can capture just a hint of that feeling with a custom-made, slightly-less-intimidating Tumbler golf cart.

The cart is up on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $17,500, though seller rayshollywood is entertaining offers as well. The mini-Tumbler started life as an EZ-Go golf cart that was torn down to its frame and cup holders before the rebuild. A lot of work, sheet metal, and $30,000 later, it was reborn as the Bat-themed Tumbler golf cart. The miniature Tumbler, which has gotten some use on the Warner Bros. studio lot, even has the same style of Super Swamper tires as the big boy.

Most of the original cart components are gone, replaced with a go-cart motor, anti-theft kill switch, iPad stand, a massive horn, adjustable leather seats, and a Batman logo on the steering column. Even if your golf game is terrible, you will rule the links just by showing up in this thing.

Perhaps a mysterious American billionaire playboy will swoop in to buy the Tumbler cart. I'm imagining Batman golfing in the dark in his Bat suit with argyle socks pulled up to his knees. Lucius Fox should be able to whip up a high-tech golf club to keep him under par.

Two Tumblers
It's the real Tumbler and its golf cart mini-me. rayshollywood

(Via The Mary Sue)

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