<b>Assorted follow-ups

Assorted follow-ups

RAM Doubler and VistaScan conflict Regarding the conflict between RAM Doubler 2.0.2 and UMAX's VistaScan software, reported last time, Allen Wasserman notes that the version mentioned in the item was 2.3. However, "the latest UMAX VistaScan version is 2.3.9 which was posted on their site 2-3 weeks ago."

Update: Andrew Gara notes that UMAX's web page says that VistaScan software 2.3.9 is for one lot of scanners and 2.3 is for another lot. In any case, both versions still have the conflict. For example, Andreas Wolf writes: "I can confirm that the conflict with RAM Doubler 2.0.2 indeed occurs with VistaScan 2.3.9. The conflict also occurs under system 7.6.1 as well as OS 8."

QuickTime Preferences Regarding a problem launching JPEGView that was solved by deleting the QuickTime Preferences file, as reported last time, Bill Cheeseman writes: "This did not work for me, but removing the JPEGView Preferences file did solve the problem."

Finder -41 errors and OSL Regarding the Type -41 Finder errors associated with ObjectSupportLib and Mac OS 8, as reported last time, several readers noted that, when this error occurs, it may also indicate damage to the Finder and/or Finder Preferences files. Be prepared to delete the Preferences file and replace the Finder if deleting the OSL file is not sufficient to get things working again.

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