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Basis Band's sophisticated sleep tracking gets slicker at CES 2014

Basis Science will add REM, light, and deep sleep to its automatic snooze-monitoring arsenal.

The Basis Band gets better at sleep tracking. Sarah Tew/CNET

Startup Basis Science says it will bring better sleep tracking to its advanced fitness monitor, the Basis Band. No doubt in an effort to get the jump on other wearable tech companies traveling to CES 2014 next week, the company says its device will soon flaunt light and deep sleep tracking, plus notice when you drop into the mentally restorative REM dream state.

With all this data logged, explains Basis Science, the Basis system will then provide users with a detailed breakdown of their night's slumber plus a sleep quality score. This stat is calculated from various factors such as how much you toss and turn during the wee hours, the number of nightly interruptions you experience, and heart rate and skin temperature readings. You'll also be able to compare how well you slept against your lifetime average sleep-tracking data.

This fresh slumber analysis is made possible by new band firmware along with an updated mobile app (both Android and iOS), both of which are expected to roll out to existing Basis Band owners beginning January 21. Basis Science also confirmed that all new bands will feature the Carbon Steel strap (once a $50 premium) for the product's same $199 price. The fancy stainless-steel wristband makes for a classier look than the original Basis B1 Band's stock plastic strap.

Basis plans to show off its gadget's new capabilities at the CES 2014 trade show in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more hands-on details as we report live from the event.