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Barnes & Noble fixes Nook Simple Touch sync issue

The e-book seller fixes the library syncing problem overnight, after at least two weeks of complaints.

Sarah Tews/CNET

Barnes & Noble has fixed a library syncing issue with new Nook Simple Touch devices after customers took to support forums to complain for at least two weeks.

Barnes & Nobles spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said the issue, which according to the company affected less than 0.3 percent of Nook customers, was resolved overnight.

"We had a temporary and minor glitch as a result of recent internal maintenance," she wrote in an e-mail to CNET today. "All customers should be able to register and sync their devices. We apologize to those few customers affected by this inconvenience."

CNET reported the complaints yesterday after several customers and a Barnes & Nobles merchant posted that it was a known server issue. Keating did not confirm if this was the case and declined to comment further.