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'Baby USB Drives'? Close, but no cigar

You can hand them out instead of stogies. Maybe.


A few years ago something like pink and blue thumb drives would have seemed pointless, but they may make sense to hand out as a substitute for traditional cigars now that stogies are being banned from the planet.

The "Baby USB Drives" from Brando could be used to announce the birth of a girl or boy in perfectly acceptable geeky fashion, with pictures of the newborn already loaded on them. (They max out at 2GB and 4GB storage sizes, so don't get too carried away.)

If you're an ultra-organized OCD type who wants to get them before knowing the baby's gender, they're available in other colors too. On the other hand, if you're a traditionalist who wants to send Crave a cigar, we're still fond of the OpusX. Just FYI.