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Aztech aims to simplify Powerline networking

New products try to give boost to AC connections.


Even in this age of Wi-Fi ubiquity, nothing beats a wired network for enhanced security and guaranteed bandwidth, especially in A/V applications. The latest iteration, Powerline, taps on your existing in-house power grid for data transmission. To further simplify installation, Singapore-based Aztech is debuting two products from its HomePlug series during CES 2008.

The HL109RN is possibly the world's first all-in-one WiFi-N router with integrated Powerline connectivity. Not only does it eliminate the need for a dedicated Powerline adapter, but it also minimizes cable clutter while supporting up to 200Mbps of theoretical fast data rate for standard- and high-definition video streaming. Another cool feature is a USB port capable of supporting multimedia playback on portable storage.

Running at a similar speed is the HL109EP, another Powerline network adapter with AC connectivity and "Simple Connection" functions. The former allows an electrical appliance to draw power directly from its onboard three-pin socket, while the latter is a one-touch button that automatically pairs a group of powerline adapters.

All provide elegant yet simple solutions that may renew interest in this slow-moving networking technology.

(Source: Crave Asia)