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Aviator Travel Jib helps up the production value of dSLR movies

Get sweeping shots from your digital SLR without toting around big and heavy gear.

Nice Industries

If you're looking to give your HDSLR movies more of a cinematic look, you should definitely check out the Aviator Travel Jib Kickstarter project.

The ultracompact camera crane lets you smoothly sweep your dSLR (or other camera up to 6 pounds) through a scene or change perspective like a traditional jib. But, because it's so small and lightweight -- it weighs less than 3.8 pounds -- it can be set up in places you can't use other cranes. The jib arm extends to 6 feet and collapses down to 2 feet.

The Aviator kit comes with a fluid pan base for use on a tripod rated to support 17 pounds or more. Also included is a padded bag, mounting hardware, bubble levels, monitor or accessory mounting ports, and a ballast bag that you can fill when you get to your location. It can also be used with standard weights.

The project is completely funded and is at nearly 10 times its $20,000 goal. You can still back the project today to secure one at a reduced price, though. A $399 pledge will get you the Aviator Travel Jib with fluid pan base, a padded bag, mounting hardware, bubble levels, and ballast bag, and is expected to start shipping in August. This kit's retail price is estimated to be $525.

If you're interested in the jib, but just want to follow along with the development, you can sign up for Nice Industries e-mail list. Anyone who signs up today will be entered in a giveaway to receive an Aviator Travel Jib Mag Alloy Kit, 3 Legged Thing tripod, and a ThinkTank Airport Commuter camera backpack.