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Auto exhaust: HumanCar's Imagine human-electric hybrid

Auto exhaust: HumanCar's Imagine human-electric hybrid


If Fred Flintstone were somehow transported forward from the stone age, he probably wouldn't know what to make of our internal combustion engines, direct injection, variable-valve timing, fuel-cells, and plug-in electric hybrids. He might however, feel at home in the Imagine Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Designed by the aptly-named HumanCar. The Imagine is described by its creators as a "human-electric hybrid," meaning that it can be powered either by its two onboard electric motors or by "variable human power input" (i.e. pedaling). The four-passenger Imagine has an exoskeletal safety cage chassis and comes with a base price of $15,000. The Imagine can be optioned up with a navigation system, an iPod-compatible stereo and a proprietary communications system. According to HumanCar's Web site, all wheel drive is also available, as are a range of physiological systems for monitoring the heart rate, calorie count, and temperature of the (literal) driver.