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AT&T's U-verse expands live TV universe for Android, iOS

The carrier announces 100 channels of live TV using its U-Verse app for smartphones and tablets.

The HTC One
AT&T's HTC One is just one device of dozens that that access live TV channels. Sarah Tew/CNET

Got a hankering for watching HBO, VH1, or Showtime live from your smartphone or tablet? AT&T has good(ish) news for you. On Monday, the carrier launched over 100 live TV channels as part of its U-Verse app for select iOS and Android devices.

There are a few catches, however. You'll already need to subscribe to a AT&T's U-verse TV package, like U-family, for one. In addition, AT&T said in a statement that 20 channels are accessible while on the go.

It's also available at launch for various iPhones and iPads, specifically the iPhone 3GS and higher, iPad with iOS 6 and later, and iPod Touch back to its 3rd generation. Live TV streaming capability will expand to Android devices in the future.

Reading between the lines, that leaves the majority of U-Verse channels still outside of reach when you're away from home. Still, the carrier says it will continue to add more live stations and devices in the near term.

You'll find AT&T's live TV lineup here.

Article updated at 4:00pm PT with details about supported devices.