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Asus Transformer Prime review: The best Android tablet yet?

Is the Asus Transformer Prime the best Android tablet yet? Possibly, but you won't know for sure until you read our review.

The Asus Transformer Prime connected to its keyboard dock. Never has a purple(ish) tablet looked so sexy. Josh Miller/CNET

Since the launch of the iPad 2, I've been waiting for the Asus Transformer Prime. While I didn't know it existed until a few months ago, just the thought of a powerful, robust, and sexy Android tablet has invaded my dreams for months now.

Well, maybe not my dreams, but at least my thoughts. The moment tablets start invading my dreams is the moment I'll know I'm spending too much time with tablets.

So, is Transformer Prime the tablet of my dreams thoughts? Its quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU definitely gets me excited, but it takes more than just raw speed to truly impress. Thoughtful design as well as well-implemented and useful features don't hurt either.

Throw in that intangible, "it just feels right" quality and you could be truly on the road to something special. Something that could be considered the best in its category.

Check out the Transformer Prime's full review to see how we considered it.