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Asus Padfone in the flesh

Crave Asia shares a couple of close-up shots of the newly announced smartphone/tablet hybrid from Computex in Taiwan.

The smartphone docked inside the tablet. Philip Wong/CNET Asia

As we reported yesterday, the upcoming Asus Padfone has two personalities. On the one hand, it's a regular smartphone that looks just like any of its competitors. On the other hand, by docking it, it can be converted to a tablet with a much larger screen. This rather unusual design allows users to upsize their displays on the fly, while allowing one SIM card to be shared in either mode. Other major benefits include elimination of the need to transfer data between devices and a handy battery charging for the phone.

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There's very limited information on the Padfone except that it's based on the Android operating system, supports 3G connectivity, and is due at the end of this year. Click here to read some of our thoughts on the device, and take a look at these close-up shots we snapped at the Computex trade show in Taipei.

Padfone at Computex
The Padfone comprises a smartphone and a separate tablet. Philip Wong/CNET Asia

(Source: Crave Asia)