Asus N Series laptop's sleek design shown off in video

Asus has treated us to a video showing off the new N Series laptop -- a sleek and attractive machine that we hope will offer real power.

Asus has showcased its new N Series laptop in a new YouTube video (embedded below), highlighting a slim-looking devil packing a Blu-ray drive, the latest Intel chips and a gorgeous design.

The video -- which is full of all the whooshes you'd want from any new product clip -- shows off the new N Series laptop, with a particular focus on the design. I've had the previous iteration of the N Series -- the N55SF -- which looked rather sleek. But the new range seems to have been hitting the gym, shaving what looks like a good 10mm off the thickness.

Asus doesn't use the word ultrabook in the video, and there's no official specs for it, but it definitely looks thin -- I'd hazard a guess at around 20mm. The lid looks to have been given a brushed finish, which goes rather nicely with the 'ripple effect' of the speaker grilles above the keyboard. I'm hoping all that flying water didn't get anywhere near the laptop. That could end in disaster.

In the video, Asus indicates that it will be packing "the latest CPU and GPU options", which hopefully means it will be using Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips as well as the super-charged yet super-small Nvidia Kepler graphics chips. I had a play with Kepler in the Acer Aspire Timeline U M3 and was blown away by the gaming performance from such a slim machine. Fingers crossed the new Asus N Series is able to at least match that.

The keyboard uses isolated keys that are rather reminiscent of the ones you'd find on the MacBook Pro (which is no bad thing). They're backlit too, so typing in the dark shouldn't be a problem. The speakers beneath that fancy grille suggest great audio, although how that stacks up in reality remains to be seen. It comes with the same external subwoofer found on the N55SF though, which I found added a pleasing kick to music, so it's welcome here.

There's no word on pricing or UK availability yet. I contacted Asus, which promised to be in touch soon with more information. Naturally, you lot will be the first to hear about it. In the meantime, check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

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