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Apple's Retina MacBooks now slightly easier to get

Ship times for buyers of Apple's latest, top of the line notebook now face shorter waits when ordering from the company's online store.

Apple's Retina MacBook Pro.
Apple's Retina MacBook Pro. Apple/CNET

Those who ordered one of Apple's new MacBooks with the Retina Display immediately after it was announced at WWDC last month have no doubt had theirs delivered by now. But those who might have held back a week or two were quickly faced with wait times of up to a month.

That seemingly improved overnight, with Apple today reporting ship times of two to three weeks for new orders, MacRumors notes.

The change is significant for one of Apple's notebooks, which are typically in ready supply following a product launch. The high-end machine was a different story though. Despite the $2,199 entry level price tag, it became a hot commodity the likes of one of the company's iPhones or iPads, where people could not simply walk into one of Apple's store during the past few weeks and purchase one outright. Late last month some business users even said that their orders for new machines were being delayed an extra month.

The supply ease comes behind a swirl of rumorsthat Apple is at work to mass-produce a 13-inch model of the device, offering buyers a smaller (and presumably less expensive) alternative to the 15-incher. Apple, of course, already makes two 13-inch notebook models, the MacBook air and it's entry-sized, non-Retina MacBook Pro.