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Apple's latest musical challenger: Amazon?

A new player may be getting into the digital music game.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that is in talks with major music labels to develop a digital music service that would compete with Apple Computer's iTunes store. The service could include Amazon-branded portable music players, and a discount subscription service that let consumers by the devices pre-loaded with songs.

The paper says the move is being welcomed by music executives, who have chafed at what they see as Apple's stronghold on the market.

Blog community response:

"Of course the biggest questions: whether Amazon's massive customer base is enough to offset a long delay in entering the online music business; and whether Amazon has the sex-appeal very neccesary in a lifestyle-heavy service like this."

"Plenty of companies have tried to take on Apple's iTunes/iPod dominance in the past -- and they've all pretty much failed (often miserably). Amazon, at least, is trying something different -- but that doesn't mean it will succeed."

"Free music players from Amazon with subscriptions don't sound as hot as it might have years ago with iPod prices now starting at $69."
--Free Music Blog