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Apple updates iLife apps with minor fixes, tweaks

Apple pushed out some updates to each of the iLife apps today to address some small bugs and add a couple of useful features.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

GarageBand got a few tweaks, but they are mostly limited to fixing stability issues. Apple says a bug that formerly would crash the app when uploading songs to iCloud, and another that caused an error when logging into SoundCloud with a Facebook account, have been fixed.

iPhoto received mostly bug fixes and enhancements to streamline use as well, but did get a minor interface tweak that will be useful. Now when you publish a journal to iCloud, a new button lets you copy the link to clipboard -- useful for sharing freshly made journals with friends right away.

iMovie received stability fixes as well, and also a small feature change: iMovie now supports songs made in GarageBand so you can add your own personal movie soundtracks.

Apple also posted an update to its Cards app, but there were no new notes on what fixes or enhancements were added.