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Apple to overhaul all products next year

The entire product range will be getting an overhaul next year, according to sources. Could this be Tim Cook stamping his mark on Apple?

Apple could be about to revamp its entire product range, according to sources in the supply chain. New boss Tim Cook has to put his stamp on the company, we suppose.

Sources told DigiTimes Apple will "completely overhaul" its product lineups in 2012, including iPad, iMac, iPhone and MacBook Air. It'll also finalise order volumes for key parts and components for the iPad 3 in December, which would tally with earlier rumours. So better rein in the spending this Christmas, there should be plenty of new Apple goodies to buy next year.

Unfortunately there's not much news on what'll actually be different about the overhauled products, just that we're not likely to see a new iPhone or iMac until the second half of 2012. Earlier in the week news came that Apple might be about to retire the Mac Pro. A new super slim 15-inch laptop is also rumoured, though whether that'll be a bigger MacBook Air, or thinner MacBook Pro, is anyone's guess.

The sources did say two prototype iPad 3s are being produced, codenamed J1 and J2. TPK Holdings will be supplying touch panels to Apple this month, while Wintek will start shipping comparable models in December. The sources claim Apple should be ready to produce 2 million units before the end of the year.

Analysts have previously claimed the device is already in production, while others say it'll go on sale in March with a smaller connector, rendering previous accessories useless. A March launch would be a year since the iPad 2 was announced.

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