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Apple Store app here Thursday: pick-up 12 mins after order

There's a new Apple Store app about to touch down -- it lets you reserve an item and then pick it up from the shop within 12 minutes.

This could be quite damaging to your bank balance. A new Apple Store app is due Thursday, according to BGR, and it'll let you order a product and then pick it up from an Apple Store just 12 minutes later. Better keep tabs on those impulse purchases.

A "trusted source" has given an incredibly detailed breakdown of exactly what happens when you order.

Choose your item, and if it's in stock it'll be ready 12 minutes later. It takes three minutes for the order to go to the designated Apple Store, then Apple's box-shifters have two minutes to pick it out. There's a seven minute grace period, in case of any mishaps. You pay through the app, so all that's left for you to do is saunter in, skip the queue with a smug smile, sign for your product, and leave -- just like that.

If it's something more specialist that you're after and it's not in stock, you'll be given a delivery date. Everything you pick up from an Apple Store has free delivery. You'll get a push notification through the app when it's available. Again, 12 minutes after you receive the notification, your order will be ready.

Order through the app and you'll also get preferential treatment in store. It sounds like Apple is hoping most customers start buying through the app to reduce queues and cut shipping costs.

You'll also be able to scan products yourself, like self-service in a supermarket. Scan the product with the camera on your iOS device while in the app, click Purchase, and it'll charge your credit card. And that's it, apparently. Say what you want about Apple, it's certainly efficient at taking our money.

This self check-out option should also launch on Thursday. Is it the future of shopping? Or a disaster waiting to happen? Let us know on our Facebook page.