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Apple sacks two-per-customer rule for iPhone 5

As supply chain issues come under control and unlocked models of the device are available, the tech giant lets customers buy more than just two iPhone 5 smartphones at a time.

Apple's iPhone 5. CNET

The "limit two per customer" rule became conspicuously absent from the iPhone 5 order form on Apple's Web store today.

It seems that supply has finally met up with demand and the tech giant is letting people order the device willy-nilly.

Not only has the two-per-customer limit been removed, but the 10-phone per lifetime limit has also been lifted, according to MacRumors. Now, MacRumors reports, customers are limited to ten devices for each transaction and no lifetime limit.

Apple started selling unlocked iPhone 5 smartphones last week, which frees users from being tethered to a network. Users can instead insert a nano-SIM card from any supported carrier into the smartphone and it will be ready for use anywhere around the world.

It's likely that many of the customers who will be buying the iPhone 5 in bulk are resellers who ship the device overseas where it isn't yet offered. However, it's looking like Apple is getting a grip on that market too. The company announced yesterday that the iPhone 5 would be available in South Korea on Friday and more than 50 additional countries will be getting the smartphone later this month.

Apple has been struggling with supply chain issues since the iPhone 5 first launched in September. It seems that it's now finally under control. As of today, ship times in the U.S. have gone from nearly a month-long delay to only a two-to-four day wait time.

CNET contacted Apple for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.

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