Apple iPod touch 64GB video hands-on

Apple has made the new third-gen iPod touch faster and funner to pitch it as a gaming device. Take a look at our video from the exclusive launch event to see how it shapes up

It's September, and we're in a big room full of overexcited technology journalists watching a man in a turtleneck beamed live from California. It can only be the annual Apple music event, where new iPods are unveiled. Well, more like new-ish, in the case of the third-generation iPod touch.

Apple is pitching the touchscreen, Web-browsing iPod -- now available with a whopping 64GB flash drive -- towards the gaming market with a speed hike over the previous model. Your trusty CNET UK was on hand to get finger marks all over it in our video from the exciting event -- click play to see the new touch in action, then go and check out our extensive hands-on photo feature.

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