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Apple iOS App Store hit by first malware app

A dodgy spam app has been detected for the first time in Apple's iOS App Store.

A dodgy spam app has been discovered on Apple iOS App Store, besmirching Apple's reputation for providing a strictly malware-free app environment.

The malicious app was called 'Find and Call', and was identified by antivirus bods at Kaspersky, Forbes reports. The app, which was present on both the iOS and Google Play app shops, secretly uploads your contacts to a remote server.

Russian-language messages that appear to be from you are then sent out to every phone number and email address in your contacts book, advertising the app itself and providing a download link.

Apple has removed the spam-flavoured application, telling the Loop, "The Find and Call app has been removed from the App Store due to its unauthorised use of users' Address Book data, a violation of App Store guidelines."

Google has also locked out the errant software from its own Play store. Kaspersky has translated a message from the creators of the odious app, who claim that the "System is in process of beta-testing," and say the "bug" is in the process of being fixed. Not an entirely convincing argument, I must say.

The unfortunate app attack follows an App Store glitch that saw non-intact apps being downloaded and crashing when launched.

It's good that the spam app has been removed, but of course it should never have been allowed onto the App Store in the first place. Apple's strict approval processes are supposed to prevent dodgy software from creeping in -- that's supposed to be one of the benefits of buying into Apple's platform.

What do you think of Apple's App Store? Do you prefer the freedom of Google Play, or do you feel more secure with Apple bods checking submissions before making them available for download? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.