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Apple adds playlist and mobile features to patent list

The U.S. Patent Office grants the company 22 patents today, including some for features that Apple may have to defend in the legal realm.

Apple was granted a slew of patents today, among them a few that may help the company keep a grip on its playlist and multiple windows features.

Of the 22 patents -- which included one for water damage detection -- two patents are for Apple's method of creating and playing playlists, including prioritizing files and random playback.

As Patently Apple points out, this may be a way for Apple to protect its popular iPod/iTunes system from being ripped off by a competitor -- perhaps the personal media playerHTC is looking to make?

Another patent is for viewing multiple application windows. An example of this is how Apple can have hidden windows that you can toggle through, like the icon bar at the bottom of the iPhone showing how many Web pages are open.

Other patents included one for MacBook Pro keyboard keys with a double-diving board spring mechanism, editor for program files, method and apparatus for managing power in computer systems, method and system for managing delivery of communications, embedded access information for DVDs independent of DVD player software, and the assembly of an iPad display.

That's a whirlwind of patents for Apple this month, with the company having just been granted a patent for some kind of head gear earlier this week.