Appearance Extension and patch: follow-ups; 1.0.2 patch posted

Appearance Extension and patch: follow-ups; 1.0.2 patch posted


Readers continue to report successes and failures with using the "Wolfram patch" for the Appearance extension (as covered here previously).

Installing the patch Previously we stated that you might not be able to patch an active copy of the extension. Given this, staring up with extensions off (via holding down the Shift key at startup) should have no benefit - since the Appearance extension still is enabled in this case (it is a "required" extension). However, several readers reported that this procedure none-the-less worked. In fact, one reader claimed that he could apply the patch when booting with the Mac OS base extensions enabled. Others did not have this success; they found it necessary to patch a copy of the extension, drag the active extension to the trash, put the patched version in the Extensions folder and restart. One reader found that it worked better if you simply drag and dropped the extension over the patch icon.

Using the patch After successfully installing the patch, some readers reported problems when running with it. For example, Brian Walls claimed "Adobe Illustrator 7 repeatedly crashed at the splash screen" after patching the extension. Going back to the unpatched version eliminated the crash. Most readers report that it works fine.

A new patch for version 1.0.2 Responding to reports that the patch does not work for Appearance Extension 1.0.2, Flip Phillips wrote a patch that "does exactly what Wolfram's patch does. That is, it fixes some branching constructs around the SetFractEnable toolbox call." However, this patch works with 1.0.2.

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