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Apollon: The social-photography camera

Concept camera lets multiple users with the same device capture and share images. But its grenade-like appearance could cause problems.

Apollon concept camera
Gordon Tiemstra

Has it ever taken too long to get your images from the "official" photographer at an event? Well, that wait could be over if the Apollon comes to fruition.

Created by Dutch product designer Gordon Tiemstra as a school master's project, the Apollon lets multiple users with the same camera capture and share images. For example, Apollon camera users can sync their cameras and the day's images would be recorded in all Apollon cameras that are connected in some sort of wireless network.

The cameras can also be used in concert to capture panoramas that can then be stitched together with special software. From the looks of it, the shooter is equipped with its own remote, too.

Although this idea is pretty unique, we wonder if it's all that practical carrying a grotesque-looking camera and potentially getting nabbed by airport security due to its grenade-like appearance. Fans of the popular first-person shooter Halo may also find the Apollon camera familiar as it resembles a futuristic electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) grenade found in the game.

Check out the camera in action in the video.

Gordon Tiemstra - Apollon - Socially experiencing playful photography from Gordon Tiemstra on Vimeo.