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AP launches news aggregator for iPhone

iPhone users who want news on the go can download a new AP application that aggregates news from more than 100 news publishers.

The Associated Press has created a news aggregation Web application called the Mobile News Network for the Apple iPhone.

The new mobile Web site is targeted at people who want access to international, national, and local news all the time. It aggregates news from more than 100 news publishers and offers text plus multimedia coverage including, photo galleries of sports events, and video coverage of the presidential campaign. The Web application is currently optimized for the iPhone, but the news service plans to add support for other smartphones in the future.

It can be accessed directly on the AP news Web site or via the iPhone Web application pages at

"With a new generation of mobile devices on the market, like the iPhone, the time is right for AP to introduce a product that brings together our members' local news brands with AP's unrivaled coverage of international and national events," Jane Seagrave, AP's senior vice president of global product development said in a statement.