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AOL: You've got videos

America Online announced Tuesday it was acquiring video search site Truveo, as that category becomes one of the new hot topics on the Web.


Truveo, which launched in September, uses technology that analyzes visual characteristics of a Web page to help produce results.

The deal came days after Google announced a new video store. Given that Google recently invested $1 billion in AOL, speculation online immediately centered on what AOL's deal said about the relationship between the two companies.

Blog community response:

"If this is a hint of things to come between these 5% friends--and I don't know what else it could be--Google fans who hailed the recent AOL deal would do well to wonder just how much they're going to get for that billion bucks."
--The Motley Fool

"The purchase is interesting because AOL is not buying the traffic and community from the site, as much as they are really acquiring the technology that drives their video search results."
--Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection

"Given that Google just invested a billion dollars, and AOL went and bought an outside video search company, doesn't speak very highly of Google's video search efforts."
--Om Malik's blog