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AOL 3.x problems with Mac OS 8? No.

AOL 3.x problems with Mac OS 8? No.

Bob Patterson found AOL unusually slow after updating to Mac OS 8. When he asked AOL tech support about this, he received the following surprising reply:

"Unfortunately, America Online 3.0 and Mac OS 8 are not compatible at this time. America Online and Apple are working together to resolve this situation but a resolution date has yet to be determined."

Update: Gene Steinberg (an AOL Forum leader) echoed my initial reaction to this: "That's absurd. AOL 3.0 is bundled with the Mac OS 8 CDs. It's definitely compatible, but sometimes tech support people are not as well informed as they should be."

This is the consensus. AOL 3.x works fine with Mac OS 8!

However, another reader reports: "I am beta testing AOL 4.0 for the Mac currently and am experiencing the same problem: everything runs very slowly. I talked with AOL 4.0 tech support and they told me that it's an issue with the host computers at AOL. Apparently, a new beta of AOL 4.0 will be available this week that should fix it."