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Another Bluetooth headset goes into battle

Sony will release a branded version for PlayStation 3's SOCOM Confrontation game.


Anyone can have a Bluetooth headset nowadays and, unfortunately, it often seems like everyone does. But there's one way you can separate yourself from the loquacious crowd--with a model branded specifically for your favorite game.

Just as Metal Gear Solid 4 got its own headset, SOCOM Confrontation--another PlayStation 3 title--will get one as well. Sony says it will available both as a standalone product and as part of a bundle with the Blu-ray version of the game, according to SlashGear, though no pricing has been disclosed yet.

The headset will come with its own USB charging dock and, like the Metal Gear Solid 4 version, will work with other PS3 titles (and presumably phones and other Bluetooth devices). It also comes with a mute button, which we hope will be used regularly when in public.