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Android Atlas Weekly 92: Farewell, until 2020 (Podcast)

We predict the future, all that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly

This marks the end of the Android Atlas Podcast

Justin, Jaymar, Antuan & Stephen predict the future of the Android Operating System all the way in the year 2020. All that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly

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Jaymar’s Predictions for 2020

Google Play Movies will be re-rebranded as YouTube
Android will be available as a standalone desktop OS, and it will come loaded with Chrome Browser (a la Windows & IE). (This, of course, means that Chrome OS is dead)
Android@Home initiative will be in full swing: lights, appliances, security systems, etc. will be powered by Android
Android will become self-aware, at which point it will send an Austrian bodybuilder back in time to pre-emptively end any hope for a human rebellion. This bodybuilder will, of course, be wearing Android-powered sunglasses
Instagram will announce that it is coming to Android “very, very soon”

In the year 2020: by Justin

Motorola will cease to exist as a separate entity
iOS will just be a skin on top of Android
Zucchini Bread will be released for the Sonysung Nexus Quasar
GoogleTV will be 20x better than today, and still no one will be using it
Most Android phones will have Lytro cameras built in

Antuan Goodwin 2020

Singularity happens and we will be powered by Android… or civilization ends on Black Friday 2012 and we don’t have to worry about it.
Android custom skins (Sense UI, TouchWiz) grow out of control, morphing into offshoot branch OSes of themselves. OEMs build their own app stores and music markets to get around Google’s rules
Google attemps to tighten control over the look and feel of AOSP, there will some headbutting between OEMs and Google and the search giant will need to decide how “evil” it will be.
Google self driving cars will evolve into an ad-supported Google Cab service. You’ll be able to call a robo cab with your Android phone and have it automatically come pick you up and take you to a location.
Someone finally builds an Android powered iPhone killer… faced with defeat, Apple reverts to full time patent trolling.



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