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An opener for every occasion

Crate & Barrel's 6-Way Opener can get you into every jar in your kitchen, along with plenty of other types of packaging. You'll only need one opener after trying the 6-Way Opener.

6-Way Opener Crate & Barrel

I have one opener for bottles and another for jars. Even still, there are plenty of items that I can't open in my kitchen without resorting to all sorts of desperate maneuvers in my attempts to remove packaging. I've used scissors, knives, and even tin snips to get at my food.

Crate & Barrel's 6-Way Opener has just about every tool I could need for opening packaging (excluding the tin snips), though. With it, I can clear out all those different openers and use just one item to get into jars, bottles, and more.

The 6-Way Opener was designed with a variety of common types of packaging in mind: bottle tops, pull tabs, safety seals, jar lids, and snack bags are all considered proper usage for this opener. It's dishwasher safe, too, saving me from the worries of whether I really got everything off my jar opener when I spilled half a jar of sauce all over.

Best of all, the grip is plastic and silicone. For those of us without especially strong grips, this opener is ideal for making sure that we have the leverage to get into jars and the like, without hurting our hands.