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Amusingly honest AT&T ad is viral hit

A new AT&T ad for the BlackBerry Torch 4G shows life as it is, for once-- in an ad that has had more than 400,000 YouTube views in less than two days.

You might be one of those fortunate people who spend their days in a corporate environment.

The office is the sort of place where you are reasonably aware that you are supposed to behave a certain way, so you spend at least half of your time trying to hide your true behavior.

In a remarkable fit of understanding, AT&T has decided to stand by your side and tell it like it truly is. In this ad for the BlackBerry Torch 4G, AT&T decides that it's pointless to fight those normal tendencies.

So here we have a boss telling his office workers to enjoy their new corporate phones and carry right on doing the things they already do, but faster.

Things like posting more YouTube videos of your kids acting adorable, or becoming mayor of the water cooler on Foursquare.

My favorite element of the ad is when he says to one lady: "Liz, rock out to Pandora." Already rocking out, she replies: "Oh, no. I'm an only child." Anyone who has enjoyed either business or romantic dealings with an only child will fully appreciate that line.

Who can be surprised that, in less than two days, this ad has already enjoyed more than 400,000 YouTube views? (Although, as Mashable reports, this is rather due to one of the actors posting about it on Reddit). The truth, you see, doesn't hurt. It amuses. Perhaps AT&T will take the same attitude into the approval process for its desired purchase of T-Mobile.