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Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud goes public

As part of a full public beta, all users of Amazon's EC2 cloud-computing services can access its Virtual Private Cloud. is opening up its Virtual Private Cloud to all users of its EC2 cloud-computing services as part of a public beta launched Monday.

The full beta of Virtual Private Cloud follows a limited public test that began in August. At the time of that launch, Amazon said virtual private clouds were the most popular feature request from enterprise customers.

VPC is an enterprise-oriented feature that allows users to connect to Amazon's cloud-computing services via an IPsec virtual private network (VPN) link. The feature builds on other Amazon enterprise-friendly cloud efforts introduced over the past two years, such as reserved EC2 instances, longer-term deals, and volume pricing. It also integrates service-level agreements and partnerships with big enterprise software vendors such as IBM, Oracle, BMC and Red Hat.

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