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Amazon's Treasure Truck comes to the UK

The retail giant's roaming pop-up will first appear in London and Manchester.


Amazon Treasure Truck.


Amazon's Treasure Truck will be coming to the UK "soon".

The Treasure Truck is essentially a lorry filled with stuff you can buy from Amazon. This may include food, trending tech or seasonal must-haves. Only one item is on offer at a time.

"We all remember the sense of excitement we felt as children when we heard the jingle of the ice-cream van, and we hope to bring that same feeling with Treasure Truck," said James Quick, head of Treasure Truck.

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The Treasure Truck will initially appear in Manchester and London, with more cities to be announced at a later date.

Customers can sign up for Treasure Truck by texting "truck" to 87377. You'll be notified by text when the Treasure Truck is in your area.