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Amazon lets Tiger out of bag (again)

Although Apple has not yet released Tiger, online retailer has launched a $35 rebate for those who purchase the new version of Mac OS X by May 31.

The Mac maker is rumored to be close to releasing Tiger, but officially the company has only said that it will launch in the first half of the year. The move has already been popular, catapulting Tiger to No. 2 among Amazon's top-selling items on Amazon's electronics store.

After the rebate, Amazon is offering Tiger for $94.99. But buyer beware: it may be a little tough to clip a UPC label of the box of a product that has not shipped. There is a bit of wiggle room. Although purchases must be made by May 31, the rebate request need only be postmarked by July 1.

But for those who are not put off by such triviality, you can also save $50 off the Mac OS X Tiger family pack, which can be installed on up to five computers in the same household.

This is not the first time Amazon has jumped the gun on Tiger. Last October, Amazon put up a listing saying the software on March 31. At the time, an Amazon representative said that the March date was just an estimate and said the company "will adjust as we get updates from Apple."