Amazon Kindle is small, light and cheap in video review

Take a look at our video review of the teensy new Amazon Kindle with Luke Westaway.

To learn to read is to light a fire, so the saying goes, and what better way to stoke that fire than with the Amazon Kindle?

Bibliophiles may disagree of course, but take a look at our video review of the latest version of Amazon's ebook reader with Luke Westaway before you make up your mind.

At only £89, the Kindle has shed significant pounds since its last incarnation, and it's 30 per cent lighter and 18 per cent smaller too. Unfortunately the loss of the Qwerty keyboard has made typing a tad fiddly, but the increased portability gained from this more than makes up for it. Battery lasts for up to a month and the E-Ink reading experience is as effortless and as much of a pleasure as it ever was.

Many purists are reluctant to embrace the digital publishing revolution, but rather than attempt to wrestle the tomes from their ink-stained fingers, we recommend sneakily slipping a Kindle into their stocking this Christmas and seeing if it sticks. We predict it will.

The larger Qwerty Kindle is still available if you prefer a proper keyboard, but unfortunately Amazon's two other latest ebook readers, the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch, are only available in the US at the moment -- hopefully they'll be winging their way across the Atlantic shortly though.

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