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Amazon Black Friday sale promises bargains, will be rubbish

The Amazon Black Friday sale is perfect if you want to waste your time and money and come out of it with absolutely no bargains at all.

Amazon's Black Friday sale is back! Packed with eye-watering discounts and nail-biting excitement, the Black Friday sale is perfect for you, if you want to waste your time and money and come out of it with absolutely no bargains at all.

Based on the phenomenally popular -- and utterly terrifying -- American day-after-Thanksgiving sales, Amazon's sale slashes the prices of assorted goods from across its catalogues. Sadly, it's a complete waste of time.

Amazon is offering five days of whopping discounts on over 500 products, with each offer available at set times and running until that batch has sold out. Sounds like there's some bargains to be had, right? Nope. Mama Crave taught us that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is, and that's the case here.

Last year's deals included Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii games consoles for £50, and slashed prices for Canon PowerShot cameras, Lego, Adobe software and Sony TVs. But forums and message boards instantly lit up with frustration and complaints as the sale was revealed to be a lot of hype and a severe shortage of actual bargains.

The deals are available in limited windows, and in limited amounts. Many prospectors click Buy first and decide later, gobbling whatever bargains they can into their virtual shopping basket whether they're going to buy them or not, preventing people genuinely interested in the product from getting the deal.

The sheer number of bargain hunters rabidly clicking on every deal means they sell out in a matter of seconds, and the majority of people put in loads of clicking and come out of it with a total of nix, nil, nought, zero, zip, zilch.

We're not saying don't bother looking for a bargain -- Amazon claims it has many more products on offer this year, and maybe clicking over and again and ending up with some tat is your idea of fun -- but we suggest you don't pin your entire future happiness on securing a cheap games console or TV, because you probably won't get one. If you're just after a bargain, no matter what it is, fill your boots: enjoy your £1 Susan Boyle CD.

If you do have a lot of time on your hands and a burning desire for a bargain -- no matter how craptacular it is -- the Black Friday Amazon sale runs from Monday 21 to Friday 25 November.

Did you bag a bargain last year? Will you be taking part this year? And what would you like to see in a Black Friday sale? Tell us your wish list in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.