Aliens crave Earth wives in Chevy Volt Super Bowl ad

In an attempt to suggest that Chevy Volt's technology is more sophisticated than anything in the galaxy, Chevy's Super Bowl ad features aliens who don't just admire the Volt's advanced design.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Think Chevy Volt and you might not think "out of this world."

It's not enjoyed the best sales or the finest safety reputation.

So in order to create a little love during the big game, Chevy offers up some aliens who are fascinated by the advanced design that goes in to making such a green-dream of a car.

The aliens seem rapt by what might be beneath the hood of the Volt.

They're friendly, if slightly purple, types who merely want to take this human knowledge back to their planet.

However, it seems there is one other Earthly thing they want to take back to their far-off land: a suburban wife. This might make one or two people slightly uncomfortable.

No, no. Not the Earthly wife part. That is entirely understandable, given the obvious dearth of extraterrestrial femininity over the years and the rather fetching robe this suburban lady is modeling.

But the idea that the aliens haven't worked out the technology behind this marriage of gas and electricity might be a little hard to swallow for many.

These beings can nuke our planet with a single ray and they find sophistication in a Volt? Or have sci-fi writers built them up a little too much?

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