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Alan Partridge radio app puts Alan-chat into your iTunes

The 99p app sees Norfolk's favourite son intruding on your music collection, with bespoke intros for certain artists.

Fancy injecting Alan Partridge's breezy chat into your music collection? Probably not, but if that does sound appealing, then point your peepers at Alan's spangly new Radio Alan iOS app.

The app cycles through the music in your iTunes collection, interspersing songs with in-studio chat from Steve Coogan's failed broadcaster and Sidekick Simon, played by Tim Key. Example segments include Alan describing Anthea Turner as "The Ford Escort Cabriolet of middle-aged women" or discussing how frequently you should wash your towels.

Unfortunately that chat is just ripped directly from Alan's Mid-Morning Matters online show, so dedicated Partridge fans will already have heard every segment.

That's galling when the app itself costs 99p, and tries to get you to buy more tracks from iTunes, some of which Alan will offer bespoke introductions to if he recognises the artist ("Keep your clubs away from his young, it's Seal!").

It's also frustrating that there's no way to scrub through your tracks or the audio discussion bits, and it will only work with iTunes, so bad luck if you have all your music hoarded on Spotify.

Not a particularly compelling offering then, but the effect of hearing your favourite songs fade in over Alan's dulcet tones is certainly a bizarre one. A final feature sees Alan rate your music collection, awarding you a score based on how your taste tallies with his own.

It's entertaining enough, though it could do without the button that pushes you to buy more Alan-endorsed songs from iTunes to improve your score.

Alan Partridge is currently hotter than a jet of molten bramley apple, with big-screen outing Alpha Papa arriving in UK cinemas tomorrow. Make sure you check out our list of tech brands that Partridge has ruined forever, and let me know if you'll be seeing the film in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.