Alan Partridge loves the Amazon Kindle, hates trolls

Turns out Norfolk's favourite broadcaster is quite a geek. He loves the Kindle, shopping online, and has some choice words for trolls.


Alan Partridge is a big fan of the Amazon Kindle, according to a new online video. The reason for his new-found fondness? His autobiography is coming out, and it's also available as an ebook.

"I am a massive fan of the Amazon Kindle," he says in the video promoting I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan. "I've always said the genius of the Kindle is that, unlike rival tablet devices I could mention, it doesn't have an Internet browser, so you can enjoy a good book free from the nagging distraction of hardcore online pornography."

He also reveals he loves buying books online. "In what highstreet book store could you go around, browsing the wares, in just your underpants and socks, singing at the top of your voice?" he muses.

"If you walked round a highstreet book store like that, I dread to think what would happen. I mean, presumably, they would shepherd you into a side room, pop a blanket over you, call the police -- maybe the social services -- and try and work out how you ended up in that situation."

Partridge also reveals that he's fallen victim to a spot of trolling in his time, although he shrugs it off. "[It] doesn't bother me because I don't particularly read them, and I'm well aware of who they are. Some are naysayers, some have mental health problems, some are bipolar, and some of them are just fricking idiots."

One troll even had Partridge's credit-card details and would order books to the legendary broadcaster's house. Partridge says he didn't go to the police as the choice of books was "absolutely first-class".

It's not the first time Alan's dipped his toe in the tech waters. Last week, he released an iPhone app based on his Foster's-sponsored Mid-Morning Matters series of YouTube clips, and his Pocket Alan app was updated last month. Yesterday, Partridge associate Armando Iannucci revealed on Twitter that an Android version of the Mid Morning Matters app is coming soon.

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