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Agency charts Web as ginormous subway map

Get the Internet in map form

CNET Networks / Information Architects Japan

It's always fun to see people try to map out the internet. The comparison to a spider's Web is apt, as things get a little complicated. While not nearly as humorous as efforts from Web comic XKCD (here and here), design agency Information Architects Japan has taken to the more calculated cartography medium of urban subway systems.

Last year the company created two versions of the map. Both were based on the Tokyo area train map (which is enormous) and organized 200 popular Web sites by neighborhood. This year, the firm ramps the number sites up to 300, and organizes the train lines with less overlap, making it easier to read. Users can submit suggestions for site inclusions or removal using an anonymous feedback form.

To give it a look you can either go here and see it in its full PDF glory, or check out the online version which is a little easier to read. The Web version also lets you click each site name to go to it. There will also be an A0-sized (one meter squared) poster available for a cool $50, once the map is finalized.

[via BoingBoing]