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Advestigo finds music and movie pirates through digital fingerprints

Advestigo. No, it's not the sidekick of Magneto, the leader of the group trying to defeat the X-Men. It's a company in France that has come up with a way to foil pirates trading music and movies on peer-to--peer services.

The company's software studies the geometry, color and other aspects of frames inside a movie. Then, it trolls through sharing networks to find illegal matches. It works on music too, says CEO Michel Roux. Advestigo only needs to look at around 1 percent of the data in a song or movie to create a digital fingerprint of the original. Since the source data for fingerprints will change with each piece of media, pirates don't know what scenes or sections to delete.

Thompson right now uses the software in its content protection services. Disney is a Thompson customer for the offering.

Advestigo also provides a service that informs IT managers when confidential data has been found on the web or is getting out of the company firewall.