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Ad-supported Windows in our future?

News that Microsoft is pondering the creation of free, ad-supported products stoked discussion among bloggers over where the world's largest software maker may be headed.

The idea might make sense for Works, Money and other consumer products. But, by far, the most controversial proposal, floated in an internal memo, is the creation of an ad-supported version of Windows itself.

Given that Microsoft only earns a reported $9 per user, per year from Windows, and that the company has for years been looking for a steadier, recurring revenue model for its cornerstone product, an ad-driven Windows might not be so far fetched.

Blog community response:

"...if MS is in fact now committed to an advertising-based model, it's fair to say that the momentum of this change to the software business is unstoppable and I think we (i.e. people who like computers and the internet) might want to go into this with our eyes wide open. It's kind of scary that the leading edge of the discussion on what these changes may mean is going on in Redmond's Exchange Server. One question I'd like to hear asked is Will this make software better?"
Lab49 Blog

"...what if Microsoft Windows won't be the first product to create/enter this market? Maybe the infamous GoogleOS? Whether they would be first to market or not, the only OS that matters in the possible future Ad-Based OS market would be Windows. Sure Google could throw something out there and stick a "Beta" tag to it and be first, but most likely it would be some variant of *nix, and that's not exactly special."
Hell Yeah Bitch

An an ad-supported version of Windows? Definitely not. Having ads in an individual application is one thing, but having to view ads whenever using the computer is just absurd. Why would you put up with that if you could pop in an Ubuntu or Kubuntu CD and try a great, fast, fully-featured free and Open Source OS without even needing to install it? Whoever doesn't is just being stupid.
The Mighty Linux Blog