Abandoned technology speaks out in our chilling video

The march of technology is relentless and merciless. Hear from the tech that gets left behind in our chilling video.

Technology advances at a relentless and merciless pace, thrusting a shiny new tech toy into our waiting mitts almost every week. But what about the gadgets left behind? The technology rendered hopelessly obsolete by the endless march of progress? Hear those abandoned objects speak out in our video.

Hit play and bear witness to the fate of those gadgets left behind, who fell by the wayside, victims of an industry that respects only the freshest of face, and tolerates only the cutting-edge.

And when a once lusted-for item of tech has spun its last pirouette on the beam of recency, the spotlight moves and it must fall from grace, landing in dusty drawers and cupboards, plonked atop a Betamax player or tangled in a nest of AV cables you'll never use, but can't bring yourself to throw away.

This is the everyday tragedy of the tech world, but fear not -- there are ways to ensure your old gadgets still feel loved. Got an old phone you're not using? Give it to a nephew or niece. That compact camera you never use since you bought the 8-megapixel smart phone? A perfect Christmas gift, we'd wager.

Failing that, sites like Mazuma mobile will give you a modest sum of cash for your abandoned technology, ensuring those devices that used to be trailblazers get to feel useful one last time, rather than mouldering in a cupboard growing bitter and resentful.

We made this video as a tribute to our spiffing Facebook fan page, which recently hit the 20,000 'Like' milestone. Crammed to the gunwales with behind-the-scenes photos and video, we recommend you head over there and join the fun immediately. But as you're enjoying yourself, spare a thought for all the abandoned technology out there.

How do you like to deal with your old tech? Do you foist it on unsuspecting family members, or sell it on eBay? Or do you like to hoard it in a cupboard, occasionally peeking inside to relive the happy memories? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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