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A wide (and delicious) world of cell phone dangles

A Japanese Website offers a wide gallery of cell phone dangles, particularly in the food category.

Add udon to your cell phone.

A trip over to the Japanese Web site is always entertaining. The sheer variety of cell phone dangles is mind-blowing with everything from tiny vacuum cleaners called Henry to the expected Hello Kitty characters. The food section is particularly interesting with dangles representing just above every aspect of eating including breakfast, dessert, and drinks. Best of all, the site includes both international and Japanese food. In the latter category, we told you already about the sushi dangles, but today I found miniature bowls of udon. Maybe like udon itself they can be a great way to pass a cold, rainy day. The udon dangle is $4.15.

A great way to store your USB drives.

While the oddest dangle on Strapya remains the "unko" dangle, my new favorite is the little Shinkansen (bullet trains). Not that I'd buy a cell phone dangle, but I think they're cute just the same. I'm also a fan if the Lego-like USB drive.