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A pool toy that dreams are made of

This concept creates a floating computer and media center.


Yes, this is only a concept, but what a concept it is. The "PC of the Swim Rings" would turn the most hapless landlubber into a water rat, creating a floating computer and media center.

Displayed at the Next-gen PC Design Competition, this aquatic marvel would include "a GPRS receiver, Bluetooth, finger-touch input, solar power-driven processor, water-cooling system, magnetic charging interface, and waterproof design." Hey, if you're going to dream, might as well go all the way.

And just to show that it isn't entirely frivolous, according to BornRich, the "amphibious PC" can also be detached to double as a land-based computer with a 7-inch LCD, Webcam, stereo speakers, and even a backlit keyboard for nocturnal use. As long as we're talking fantasy, we request that it be combined with the "RadioRaft"--especially its six stainless steel cupholders--to make it the greatest pool invention ever made.